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Harvest Host Stay in Paso Robles and Discovering Jon Stephen!

Harvest Hosts.
Our awesome membership in a really cool program (if you are interested in additional information, ask us in the comments).
One of our favorite ways to camp.
Especially on a holiday weekend.
Can’t find a campsite?
Every campground packed with families and kids and partiers?
Our escape!
Guaranteed parking.
Guaranteed quiet.
And guaranteed fun!

This trip we tried out a few new wineries.
All excellent.
One a new favorite.

It has been said “a picture is worth a thousand words”.
Wonder what they would say about a video?
Sound is needed for this man’s music!


Day Trip to Santa Rosa Island!

Santa Rosa Island ~ beautiful, pristine, un-crowded and a great place to head for a day!  How?
On Island Packers.
Join us on a day trip to explore a little of this gorgeous island ~ part of The Channel Islands National Park!

Looking Across to Santa Cruz Island!
A Leftover From Island Ranching Days…
An Amazing Day!

Tule Campground ~ Success Lake, CA ~ A Campground Fav!

A little flashback to another campground favorite!
And the night we took one of our favorite Scamp photos!
Tule Campground at Success Lake…

What a night!

Chuchupate Campground ~ Los Padres National Forest, CA ~ A Campground Fav!

A new favorite!
Can’t wait to go back…


China Ranch Date Farm ~ Tecopa, CA

Ohhhh dates.
And date shakes.
A desert oasis.
A desert oasis with date shakes!

Our 9 Day Desert Camping Trip Re-Cap ~ What You Can Do in 9 Days!

A little planning.
A little adventure.
It’s amazing what you can pack in to NINE days!

Way Back Wednesday ~ Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Somewhat way back…
Well five years ago, which to a child or dog is a way back…
We were in Kentucky!
Doing “the Kentucky Bourbon Trail”!
Drive around the beautiful and historical Bardstown area to five different distilleries.
Take a tour.
Learn a lot about bourbon, prohibition and the local history.
Oh, and take a little taste at the end.
A taste I usually took a tiny sip out of then handed over to my husband…
Just a quick glimpse.

Beautiful Kentucky.
What a difference in ages…
Inviting Jim Beam.


A little taste.

Artist’s Drive ~ Death Valley National Park

Just a little flashback to an amazing, beautiful place.
It was easy.

Harmony Borax Works ~ Death Valley National Park

Another cool (hot) place to explore while visiting Death Valley National Park!
Old Harmony Borax Works!

20 Mule Team Wagons
165 Miles Hauling Tons of Borax. Then 165 Miles Back…



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