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A Drive Through Joshua Tree!

Again that darn ball and chain dog!
Let’s back up a bit though…
We wouldn’t even have a trailer if we didn’t have her!
Living on our catamaran and having our islands off our coast be National Park isn’t all fun and chasing balls for a Labrador Retriever.
She likes to be with us, explore, sniff and sleep.
Not necessarily in that order!
But back to exploring Joshua Tree ~ she cannot go on the hikes.
So what other way for her to allow her humans to explore this amazing park?
Go for a drive!
What Lab doesn’t want to go for a drive?


Skull Rock Hiking Trail ~ Joshua Tree National Park!

Well we have a ball and chain dog.
So our hiking and walking is limited…
So I walk and Jim hangs with the ball and chain dog.

This is an easy hike / walk from Jumbo Rocks Campground and one not to miss!

Jumbo Rocks ~ A Re-Visit to A Campground Fav!

All. Time. Favorite!
Seriously ~ what a cool campground.
Just amazing!
Better to just show you than to try to describe!

Joshua Tree National Park ~ Oasis Visitor Center!

One of my all time favorite National Parks!
Not that I have been to that many…
Crater Lake.
Death Valley.
Grand Canyon.
Where else….?
I know there is more!

But this one…

We Were Tagged! What does that mean…?

Well it means another YouTube channel enjoys my channel enough to give me a “shout out” and ask for a video showing my 5 favorite camping gear “items” (I use that word loosely… you shall see why!) and 5 favorite YouTube channels to tag!

This was a really fun video to do!
YouTube has recently changed their “game plan” on smaller channels and have taken away some of our benefits.
So HUGE game changer and HUGE “support your smaller channel” movement!

I hope you enjoy this as well and be sure to check out some of the smaller channels!

Mojave Narrows Regional Park ~ What A Surprise ~ A Campground Fav!

Always awesome to be pleasantly surprised!
Oh, and have an amazing sunrise.

Jalama Beach ~ A Campground Fav!

Ohhhhh we love this place.
And not just for the burgers…
Dog loves that she can go on the beach.
I love the view.
Jim loves the burgers!
Oh, and what a wine selection in the camp store!

Oregon Trip Re-Cap ~ What Can Be Done and Seen in Three Weeks!

And a big, giant, keep in mind, SIX NIGHTS WERE WITH FAMILY!

Donkeys, Goats, Birds & Bunnies ~ A Stop at Our Friend’s House!

To shorten our last day of driving and to hinder the possibility of a hideous attack of “post vacation depression” we often stop for our last night of a trip somewhat close to home.
We can play a little longer.
Stay a little longer.
And drive a little shorter.
And hey, donkeys and goats?
I’m there!

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