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Lost Lake Resort ~ Funky But Fun!

We are including this funny little campground (which is part of a much larger trailer and mobile home “park”) in our “campground favorite” series because it was fun.
Way funky.
But way fun.

The Shelf Above The Bed ~ In Our Rpod 177

And for the Rpodders looking for storage options ~ we call this “The Shelf Above The Bed”!
Certainly not OUR idea ~ hundreds of Rpod owners have done this.
A great place to store lightweight items.

Solar Panel Set Up on our RPod 177

RV Parks are not for us!
We like to be off the grid.
Far, far and away from a 728′ diesel pusher.
At primitive campgrounds.
BLM land.
Out in nature.
We rarely camp at hook up sites.
But we do like to have power!

Banderas Bay Whale Show ~ A Sailing Flashback!

Twenty minutes that will be etched into our memories forever.

Ricardo Campground at Red Rock Canyon State Park, CA ~ A Re-Visit to A Campground Fav!

The cliffs.
The lighting.
The views.
The hikes.
Really, truly a campground favorite!

Sea of Cortez ~ a Glimpse… A Sailing Flashback!

Sometimes we wish we were someplace else…

Day Trip to Prisoners Harbor, Santa Cruz Island ~ Channel Islands National Park!

Another gem.
Just off our coast.
So not like Catalina.
California as it was.
Santa Cruz Island!

Make it Happen!

One day you will wake up, think about how old you are and realize just how many years you may have left.

Camping California’s Central Coast ~ What Can Be Done in 9 Days!

We love this area.
And if we didn’t “have” to live on a boat…
We just might want to live here.

California’s Central Coast!

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