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The Rincon Parkway ~ A “Campground” Fav!

This is the exact opposite of what we consider a campground.
In fact it is not a campground.
At all.
It is parking on the side of the road.
With noise.
Freeway noise.
Train noise.
On asphalt.
With other RVs inches away.


Why do we consider it a favorite?
The view.


The sunsets.


The beach.


Oh, and being 15 minutes from home!


The Rincon Parkway!


La Paz to Agua Verde ~ A Sailing Flashback!

Time for a little flash from the past.
Some of our favorite Mexico cruising grounds are North of La Paz, Baja California.
Quiet anchorages.
Sea life.
Oh, and cows on the beach!


Sea of Cortez ~ a Glimpse… A Sailing Flashback!

Sometimes we wish we were someplace else…

Day Trip to Prisoners Harbor, Santa Cruz Island ~ Channel Islands National Park!

Another gem.
Just off our coast.
So not like Catalina.
California as it was.
Santa Cruz Island!

Make it Happen!

One day you will wake up, think about how old you are and realize just how many years you may have left.

It Gets Me Through The Work Week…

Travel is in my blood.
It is all I want to do.
Salt water infused, road trip infused, airplane and airport infused blood that can’t remain still.

A reminder of this is a favorite photo from the last time I was in Scotland.
It pops up in my screen saver slide show and gives me a smile every time.
Gives me the smell of the grass.
Dusky water.
Old dank castle.
The smell of freedom and the simple joy of childhood.

The Wonder of Linlithgow Palace.


Day Trip to Santa Rosa Island!

Santa Rosa Island ~ beautiful, pristine, un-crowded and a great place to head for a day!  How?
On Island Packers.
Join us on a day trip to explore a little of this gorgeous island ~ part of The Channel Islands National Park!

Looking Across to Santa Cruz Island!
A Leftover From Island Ranching Days…
An Amazing Day!

Santa Margarita Lake ~ Santa Margarita, CA ~ A Campground Fav!

A new place!
Not far from home.
Wineries near by.
What’s not to like?

Nice site!



Lodi to Home ~ The End of Our Oregon Camping Trip!

Well all great road trips and camping trips must come to an end.
So we made it a good one with an overnight stay at a good friends.
Shortened our last day of driving.
And somehow timed it perfectly for an amazing sunset at home!

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