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Arch Loop Trail & Mobius Arch ~ Alabama Hills!

I am sure this is the most popular hike in The Alabama Hills!
And Mobius Arch the most photographed rock formation in the area.
And the fact that the trailhead was walking distance from our campsite?
Even more easy.
And awesome!


Tinnemaha Campground ~ A Campground Fav!

A creek.
Only one other camper.
A view of the Sierras.
Stars galore.
And a creek.

10 Things to Do & See While Camping At The Alabama Hills!

Or if you are in a motel in Lone Pine.
Or Independence.
Or even Big Pine!
So much to see and do in this area.
Amazing geological formation.
Movie filming locations.
A movie museum!
A dry lake (thanks Mulholland)…
And Manzanar.
Seriously a lot to do and see in this area!

Fossil Falls ~ Interesting BLM Camping on the 395!

We love BLM camping!
Dispersed or not!
At this interesting small off the grid campground we paid $6 a night.
And had a nice hike to a lava dry falls included in that $6 a night!

Top 5 Campgrounds of 2017!

Looking back is always fun!
Looking back and dreaming, remembering and wishing is always fun!
So here is our little look back on our Campground Favs of 2017!

Agua Dulce Winery, Agua Dulce, CA ~ A New Year’s Eve Harvest Host Stay!

We hate them…
Well actually the black Lab hates them.
They must remind her of her Watts / South LA days.
Gunshots nightly.
So yeah, let’s stay away from the beach!
Away from the all night fireworks!
So where…
A winery!

Bombay Beach ~ A Bit of The Salton Sea Heyday History!

This place is genuinely weird.
Genuinely interesting.
A bit creepy and a bit sad…
But I liked it!

Corvina Beach, The Salton Sea ~ A Campground Fav!

Ok, totally different place.
Don’t listen to the people who say this place is a disgusting pile of dead, rotting, smelly fish.
It was interesting.
Quiet (except for those trains!).
Peaceful (except for those trains!).
It really was.

Delfino Vineyards ~ A Harvest Hosts Stay in Roseburg, Oregon~


Another fabulous stay at a Harvest Hosts winery in Roseburg, Oregon!
Delfino Vineyards.
Beautiful setting!
A pond!
And the eclipse!



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