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10 Questions! We were “tagged” again…!

So this was kind of fun!
Well, for me it was.
Who knows if it will be for you…


We Were Tagged! What does that mean…?

Well it means another YouTube channel enjoys my channel enough to give me a “shout out” and ask for a video showing my 5 favorite camping gear “items” (I use that word loosely… you shall see why!) and 5 favorite YouTube channels to tag!

This was a really fun video to do!
YouTube has recently changed their “game plan” on smaller channels and have taken away some of our benefits.
So HUGE game changer and HUGE “support your smaller channel” movement!

I hope you enjoy this as well and be sure to check out some of the smaller channels!

Time Travel Tuesday ~ October 20th, 2008

It’s amazing to look back at where we were on different dates.
In 2008?
We were living on our 49′ catamaran, “Meerkat” in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

And getting ready to head out to the local islands for a few days!

The amazing Sea of Cortez!
The amazing Sea of Cortez!

Back to the Blogging World!

It seems our cruising days are over for now…

Sea of Cortez cruising at it's best!
Sea of Cortez cruising at it’s best!

We miss the old days, but new adventure awaits as we land travel and explore closer to home.

Amazing Joshua Tree National Park!

And the wine and beer is better here…  sorry Mexico!

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