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We are exploring this world in our small travel trailer and on our boat. We have a small "footprint", but enjoy "the good life" ~ good wine, good beer, artisan cheese and local foods, dog-friendly places and people-friendly places.

Taboose Creek Campground ~ A Campground Fav!

I think I could spend a few months in this area.
Loads of cool little campgrounds.
Creeks for Lexie.
The Sierras.
And this place…
Taboose Creek!


Arch Loop Trail & Mobius Arch ~ Alabama Hills!

I am sure this is the most popular hike in The Alabama Hills!
And Mobius Arch the most photographed rock formation in the area.
And the fact that the trailhead was walking distance from our campsite?
Even more easy.
And awesome!

Tinnemaha Campground ~ A Campground Fav!

A creek.
Only one other camper.
A view of the Sierras.
Stars galore.
And a creek.

10 Things to Do & See While Camping At The Alabama Hills!

Or if you are in a motel in Lone Pine.
Or Independence.
Or even Big Pine!
So much to see and do in this area.
Amazing geological formation.
Movie filming locations.
A movie museum!
A dry lake (thanks Mulholland)…
And Manzanar.
Seriously a lot to do and see in this area!

Alabama Hills! BLM Camping Near Lone Pine, CA in Movie Land!

Other than being really, really cold, this place was AMAZING!
Rocks that look like things.
Bowling ball and pins!

Movie history everywhere!
A view of Mt. Whitney!
And free BLM camping!

Fossil Falls ~ Interesting BLM Camping on the 395!

We love BLM camping!
Dispersed or not!
At this interesting small off the grid campground we paid $6 a night.
And had a nice hike to a lava dry falls included in that $6 a night!

Solar Panel System on our Rpod 177 ~ In Depth!

Blah, blah, blah.
For you technos:
Wiring in sequence.
Circuit breakers.
Blah, blah, blah.
Just kidding ~ this is how we Jim set up the solar panel system on our small trailer.
In enables us to boondock, camp off the grid and avoid RV PARKS!
And have power the entire time.
Happy wife, happy life.

Foster Park ~ Red Mountain

Our local little campground that allows us to “commuter camp” has finally opened its sister campground next door!
The mainly tent campground has been closed for years.
It was really in need of some TLC…
Brush clearance.
Tree trimming.
Clean up from being long neglected.
Well it is finally had its little spa treatment and is open for business!

Top 5 Winery Stays of 2017!

So yeah, more looking back!
Only in this one there is aromas…

It’s not just about the wine!

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