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small footprint, missing nothing



We are exploring this world in our small travel trailer and on our boat. We have a small "footprint", but enjoy "the good life" ~ good wine, good beer, artisan cheese and local foods, dog-friendly places and people-friendly places.

Harvest Hosts ~ How We Camp at These Cool Places!

And now we are not affiliated.
Just simply love the membership!
Worth every dollar (all $44 of them….!)


A Visit to Avila Beach, Morovino Winery and The Music of Jon Stephen!

We planned another three day weekend around our new friend, Jon.
Time to get out of the harbor and stare down at another harbor…
Just a little change of the backyard view.

The Channel Islands National Park Visitor Center

So yeah, our backyard.
Ho hum.
So yeah, not so ho hum!
Pretty much our very own National Park.
And pretty much our very own National Park Visitor Center!
I can see both the park and center from our home.
Both places I recommend to every visitor, every out-of-towner, every tourist and every Venturan.

Harvest Host Stay in Paso Robles and Discovering Jon Stephen!

Harvest Hosts.
Our awesome membership in a really cool program (if you are interested in additional information, ask us in the comments).
One of our favorite ways to camp.
Especially on a holiday weekend.
Can’t find a campsite?
Every campground packed with families and kids and partiers?
Our escape!
Guaranteed parking.
Guaranteed quiet.
And guaranteed fun!

This trip we tried out a few new wineries.
All excellent.
One a new favorite.

It has been said “a picture is worth a thousand words”.
Wonder what they would say about a video?
Sound is needed for this man’s music!

The Rincon Parkway ~ A “Campground” Fav!

This is the exact opposite of what we consider a campground.
In fact it is not a campground.
At all.
It is parking on the side of the road.
With noise.
Freeway noise.
Train noise.
On asphalt.
With other RVs inches away.


Why do we consider it a favorite?
The view.


The sunsets.


The beach.


Oh, and being 15 minutes from home!


The Rincon Parkway!


La Paz to Agua Verde ~ A Sailing Flashback!

Time for a little flash from the past.
Some of our favorite Mexico cruising grounds are North of La Paz, Baja California.
Quiet anchorages.
Sea life.
Oh, and cows on the beach!


Hauling Our 49′ Ocean Catamaran for Bottom Paint!

Well it was time.
Actually it was time a couple of years ago…


When You Can’t Go Camping… When You Can’t Go Sailing…

This is what I do.

Compositing Toilet in our Rpod 177

And something a little different…
Another modification to our Rpod.
Our gray and black water tanks are now combined and we just extended our “boondockability” by days and days!

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