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We are exploring this world in our small travel trailer and on our boat. We have a small "footprint", but enjoy "the good life" ~ good wine, good beer, artisan cheese and local foods, dog-friendly places and people-friendly places.

The Carrizo Plain National Monument!

What is it?
Where is it?
And why did we go there!


KCL Campground ~ The Carrizo National Plain ~ A Campground Fav!

Most people have never even heard of The Carrizo Plain.
We read a lot and we watch a lot of travel, camping and adventure YouTube videos, which often (really often) give us ideas of where to go!
So, who of you have heard of The Carrizo Plain?
It is in California.
It is 45 miles long and 10 miles wide.
Totals 250,000 acres.
Thanks Mr. Retired President Bill Clinton who designated this area as a national monument in 2001.
Thank you.
Because only 4% of California’s native grasslands remain.
Thank you Bill!
The Carrizo Plain has two primitive campgrounds ~ KCL & Selby.
We camped at KCL ~ join us!

Lexie’s Top 5 Adventures ~ A Labrador Retriever’s Version!

Someone was a little miffed that she was not included in our Top 5 Adventures!
She was barely even mentioned…
Uh oh.
So she wanted to share her Top 5 Adventures!
She too, had a hard time narrowing it down…

Top 5 Adventures ~ We Were Tagged!

So yeah, this is always fun!
And to be tagged in a third generation ~ very cool.
Super hard to narrow our top 5 adventures down, but hey, we did it!

Sculpterra Winery & Sculpture Garden ~ Even If You Don’t Like Wine!

Art and wine ~ quite the amazing combination!

California’s 395 Camping Trip Re-Cap ~ What Can Be Seen and Done in 10 Days!

And now for the human version of the same trip!

Lexie’s Best Trip Ever ~ A Labrador Retriever’s Version of Our 395 Camping Trip!

Even wonder what a dog thinks about a vacation, camping or an epic road trip?
Well, then wonder no more.

Manzanar National Historic Site ~ A Place Not to Miss on The 395!

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” – Edmund Burke

Museum of Western Film History ~ A Fun Little Stop in Lone Pine!

A super fun little stop in Lone Pine!

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