We spent a year and a half on our 49′ Ocean Catamaran exploring the West Coast of Mexico.

Before buying the catamaran, we cruised the West Coast of Mexico on our Columbia 50′.

We rescued a Labrador Retriever from South hell LA and Certain Death after returning from our last cruise (no not on a cruise ship, our own boat!) and since she is not allowed on our four islands off of our coast, we bought a 16′ Scamp travel trailer.  We were hooked!  We then stepped up to a 19′ Rpod 177 ~ hey a real toilet!  A shower!  A queen bed!

We enjoy being in our “home”, but having our bed.  Our galley gear.  Our own food.  Not bag dragging into hotels and motels, but taking our home (and dog) with us as we explore.  As we taste at wineries.  Sip at breweries.  Eat locally grown and sourced foods.   As we stay at wineries and farms.  We avoid the RV parks and try to get off the beaten path.  Having a small trailer allows us to do just this!