We commuter camped Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from Foster Park ~ our local 12 minute away campground in the oaks.
We took the trailer up on Sunday and met up with ex-dock mates who had sold their boat and now live in the mountains.
Pretty much a mini vacay!
Drive up after work, open a bottle of nice wine, play a game, BBQ, sleep under the oaks and drive to work in the morning!
Easy enough…
Except the work part.
My main co-worker has been on her real vacation for the last week.
Well week point 0.2.
And won’t be back until Tuesday afternoon.
Popped the cork on a good bottle.
Sewing a BBQ cover for the boat.
Listening to the dog snore.
All in all a good Friday after work evening.

And this view from my sewing cockpit. Except no clouds today…