Crazy, busy week.
Followed by a Friday night boogie board party!
Well all two of us…
Ladies in our sausage suits.
One even wearing a bathing cap.
Quite the entertainment for the beach walkers!
Then joined by three young girls who just happened to be the bathing cap boogie boarder’s god daughters.
So even more entertainment for the beach walkers watching five laughing females riding sloppy wind driven messy white water “waves”.
Not good boogie board waves by any means, but the alternative…?
We were walking, riding and laughing in our ocean.

IMG_0523 (1)
Old ladies…

And this morning?
Back to the beach for running, playing with friends, building sandcastles and sitting in the water.
Well, that’s what she did anyway!

dog sandcastle
All built without opposable thumbs. My amazing dog!

And a sunrise to start the weekend!

Morning arrival.