As this country and this world struggles through what I would consider some of worst parts of humanity history and I watched the Harbor Patrolman decide if he should continue to fly the US and state flags at half mast (because there WILL be some horrific murders and terrorizing of someone today…  there just will…) I tried and try to think of the beauty of this world.
New babies (which we had two join our family this week ~ twin grand nephews!)
A gorgeous waterfall (friends hiking in China and posted a photo)
A sunset (our friend who lives in Barra de Navidad ~ has thousands of sunset pictures and when someone asked him why he has so many sunset pictures, he calmly asked, “and when did you last watch the sunset?”)
The healing ocean water (boogie boarded last night!)
My special morning dog walking time (by myself, well with the dog… no talking to anyone, well except the dog, the sunrise which I don’t think the dog appreciates, the smells which I think the dog doesn’t think I appreciate, the peace which we both appreciate)
Looking forward to the weekend (friends’ house tomorrow night, complete with pool ~ dog! and hot tub ~ humans!)
Looking back over our trips and travels (remembering the great times and the future possibilities)

Blue Wheel
Exploring old boat while our modern boat sits at the dock in San Jose del Cabo.