Bahia de los Muertos.
Now they call it something touristy like Bahia de Los Suenos.
Bay of Dreams.
Better than Bay of Dead I guess…
Off the top of my head, I can’t count the number of times we have anchored there.
Let’s just go with several.
One amazing time?
After sailing the catamaran from Southern California…
Past Cabo San Pucas.
A little time in San Jose del Cabo.
A little time in Frailes.

Frailes to Espiritu Santo 222.jpg
Proof we were there.


Cruiser plans and graffiti.
Written in the sand at low tide.

Frailes to Espiritu Santo 138
Poop machines. Graceful in flight. Not so graceful on land…
Frailes to Espiritu Santo 152
Amazing, clear water.
Frailes to Espiritu Santo 164
Great for bottom cleaning (boat bottom, humans too in reality), swimming, kayaking and being at anchor.
Frailes to Espiritu Santo 215
Bahia de los Muertos.