I had a very wise high school teacher tell me two important things.
I’m sure he told me more, but these stuck.

1 ~ Learn to drive a stick shift.
You never know when the boss is going to toss the keys to his Porsche to you and ask that you go pick up “Bob” at the airport.
So I did and I did have a boss with a Porsche 930 Turbo and I did get to drive it.
Super fun.

porsche 930
The 80’s. Quite the time for makeup and hair.

2 ~ Never let your passport expire.
Similar scenario to above.
You never know when your boss is going to ask that you fly to Paris to meet with “Bob”.
Well this never did quite happen, but I did on a whim at 2:00 am fly to the World’s Fair in New Orleans with my boss and his friend.
So I have continually had a passport (with fabulous passport photos affixed) since.
Well and actually before.
Well, well before high school.

Passport Photo
Apparently I like to be behind the camera more than in front of it.