Just over 10 years ago, my father passed away.
He died nine and a half weeks after my 47 year sister died of inflammatory breast cancer.
My sister, my best friend.
My dad, my confidant.
Not a good time in my life.
At all.
Pretty much the lightbulb going off in my head year.
Things had to change.
More travel.
More fun.
More exploration.
More me.
Less commercial insurance (eegads, did I really used to do that for a living?)…
While watching “Elizabethtown” (way too soon after my dad died), we decided we too needed to say “We should have done this a long time ago”.
So we packed my 83 year old mom into the back of my Xterra.
Loaded the car with an ice chest, three pool noodles, three folding chairs, a pile of memories and a baggie of my dad’s ashes and got on the road.
At 2 am and proceeded to stay on the road in that car for 14 hours…
One of my father’s favorite places.
A little pinch of ash here.
A little pinch of ash there.
A bit on this beach and a bit on that beach.
A dusting in his all of his favorite places.
No regrets on doing this trip.
I hope he knows…

Mom walking the beach at El Requeson, Baja California.