Being an “Air Force Brat” in my early years…
Being born in a foreign country, a country that holds a piece of my heart…

Edinburgh, Scotland “My Country”

Living in the Philippines in half of kindergarten and first grade…
Being a child watching her father’s travel slide shows on a Sunday night…
His travels including his time living and exploring “my country”, my brother’s “foreign birthplace country” Japan, his time in Alaska…

polar bear cubs
Dad’s polar bear cubs

His stories of Thailand, Mexico, Europe…
It’s in me.
The love of travel.
The need of travel.

Heather loving boating
Boating as a child…

We start planning our next trip when we aren’t even done with the one we are on.
If I am home working for more than a week or so, I get antsy.
I need to be going.
I have the love and need of travel.