This is our love:


It’s crazy how much you can fall in love with a dog…
But we did.
And hard.

We rescued her from the South Los Angeles (Watts…) Dog “Shelter”, one day away from being put down.
We don’t know her story.
Where she came from.
What her prior life was like.
We do know she had recently had pups and was not spayed.
She was a shelter staff favorite as she loves pets, love and attention.

Living on a boat I wasn’t sure if we would be seen as favorable rescue parents.
Questions such as “how big is your backyard?” (giant), “do you have a pool?” (yes, it’s called The Pacific Ocean), “is your pool fenced?” (uh no…) seemed to thin our chances down.
And answering them after a few glasses of a “Wine Find” really wasn’t a great idea…
So how to get a dog?
Have a friend work with a rescue.
And yay for Facebook.
As obnoxious as Facebook can be, it can be a pretty amazing platform for rescues!
Our problem was we saw her photo while sitting at LAX, getting ready to head to Kentucky to do the Kentucky Bourbon Trail (future posts on this!).
So in 27 seconds we made the decision to grab this girl!
Luckily my friend offered to drive to LA, get the dog and hold her for a week until we flew back.
She also offered to find the dog a new home should she not work out on a boat.

She worked out!

Amazingly well too.
She goes to work with us and pretty much goes everywhere with us.
Including wine tasting!