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small footprint, missing nothing

Crater Lake ~ Gorgeous, Blue & Amazing!

The most amazing, deep, dark, clear blue ever!
Crater Lake…

Uh oh… Snow at Mazama!

I said it was cold here, right?
Nothing like being all warm and toasty in bed, husband gets up at 5 amĀ  why I’m not sure looks outside, comes back and pokes me in the arm and says “it’s snowing”…
Uh oh.

Mazama Campground at Crater Lake National Park

What a great place!
And we timed it right.
Sort of…
Hardly any people.
Trees, beautiful views and great trails!

Mazama trees and nice campsites

Squeezing Through The Trees Leaving Spring Campground at Crescent Lake!

Another reason to “travel small”.

Spring Campground at Crescent Lake, OR ~ A Campground Fav!

Sunrises and sunsets over the water.
Very few people.
Little noise.
A soft sandy beach.
Meandering trails.
Happy Labs.

Sunrise over Crescent Lake

Oregon Camping Trip ~ Sweet Home to Spring Campground at Crescent Lake!

As much as we hated to leave family…
We were ready to go.
We needed a vacation from our vacation!
Some quiet time.
Some down time.
Some us time.
Except we had three couples within range of meeting up!
Time-wise, we would be able to squeeze out meetings with two of the three sets of friends.
So off to Crescent Lake to meet A & D!

Riding out Hurricane Norbert in La Paz ~ A Sailing Flashback!

Ok, so this wasn’t so much fun.
Looking back, no big deal.
But at the time?
Somewhat frightening…

Backyard Family Campout in Sweet Home ~ Oregon Camping Trip!

Ok, this was just fun.
Complete perfection.
Hilarious fun.
Excellent prep and planning on family side.
Some extra fun and bonus fun!
Amazing food.
Adult beverages.
More amazing food.
More fun.
More adult beverages.
Seriously ~ complete perfection!





Armitage County Park, Eugene ~ A Re-Visit, The River & Dog Park!

We LOVE this campground!
We have a favorite site.

Space #10 ~ But don’t tell anyone!

We love the river.
And really love the dog park.

Here is our re-visit!

And here is our Campground Fav video on Armitage.

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