Way Back Wednesday ~ Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Somewhat way back…
Well five years ago, which to a child or dog is a way back…
We were in Kentucky!
Doing “the Kentucky Bourbon Trail”!
Drive around the beautiful and historical Bardstown area to five different distilleries.
Take a tour.
Learn a lot about bourbon, prohibition and the local history.
Oh, and take a little taste at the end.
A taste I usually took a tiny sip out of then handed over to my husband…
Just a quick glimpse.


Beautiful Kentucky.


What a difference in ages…


Inviting Jim Beam.



A little taste.

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Artist’s Drive ~ Death Valley National Park

Just a little flashback to an amazing, beautiful place.
It was easy.

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No Sunrise Saturday

Overcast and gray.
Calm and peaceful.
Still relatively early.
With a giant list of projects.
Get boat ready for island trip next weekend.
Get trailer ready for two week trip in September.
Wet dog smell throughout the boat.
A perfect no sunrise morning.

lex beach

She wants to do this all day every day.


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Finally a Friday!

We commuter camped Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from Foster Park ~ our local 12 minute away campground in the oaks.
We took the trailer up on Sunday and met up with ex-dock mates who had sold their boat and now live in the mountains.
Pretty much a mini vacay!
Drive up after work, open a bottle of nice wine, play a game, BBQ, sleep under the oaks and drive to work in the morning!
Easy enough…
Except the work part.
My main co-worker has been on her real vacation for the last week.
Well week point 0.2.
And won’t be back until Tuesday afternoon.
Popped the cork on a good bottle.
Sewing a BBQ cover for the boat.
Listening to the dog snore.
All in all a good Friday after work evening.


And this view from my sewing cockpit. Except no clouds today…


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Tehachapi Mountain Park ~ Tehachapi, CA ~ A Campground Fav!

After roasting on the desert floor.
Having to run our generator for the a/c.
Dog throwing up…
It was time to head to the mountains to cool off!
Ok, where to go.
Out comes the dog eared and note filled Moon Guide.
This place looked good!


Cool. It looked cool.

So off we went!
And cooled off…

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Sunset Sunday ~ Too Fast…

It’s frightening how fast the weeks are going by.
I still have so many places I want to go.
Things to see.
Areas to explore.
Wine to taste.
Food to try.
I’m not old or on my last legs, but with how fast the weeks are going it is a bit scary.
Beyond scary.
It’s frightening.

Red sky

San Jose del Cabo.

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Harmony Borax Works ~ Death Valley National Park

Another cool (hot) place to explore while visiting Death Valley National Park!
Old Harmony Borax Works!


20 Mule Team Wagons


165 Miles Hauling Tons of Borax. Then 165 Miles Back…



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Zabriskie Point ~ Death Valley National Park

Another “don’t miss” spot in Death Valley.
The views.
The colors.
Another place I wish it would have been cooler for hiking.
Another place to go back to!


Pretty. Pretty amazing.


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Sunset Sunday

And this day was spent doing bookkeeping!
Both our personal bookkeeping and our business bookkeeping.
Time to enjoy the rest of the day with friends, wine and dogs.


Our girl loves a good sunset too!

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Sunrise Saturday

Crazy, busy week.
Followed by a Friday night boogie board party!
Well all two of us…
Ladies in our sausage suits.
One even wearing a bathing cap.
Quite the entertainment for the beach walkers!
Then joined by three young girls who just happened to be the bathing cap boogie boarder’s god daughters.
So even more entertainment for the beach walkers watching five laughing females riding sloppy wind driven messy white water “waves”.
Not good boogie board waves by any means, but the alternative…?
We were walking, riding and laughing in our ocean.

IMG_0523 (1)

Old ladies…

And this morning?
Back to the beach for running, playing with friends, building sandcastles andĀ sitting in the water.
Well, that’s what she did anyway!

dog sandcastle

All built without opposable thumbs. My amazing dog!

And a sunrise to start the weekend!


Morning arrival.




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